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So You Want To Be A MackModel?

Please read the following information about our company, what we are currently looking for, and the next steps you should take to apply to be a model for us. If you have any questions, please contact us via our "Contact" page and we will be happy to answer them for you. 


What Is Mack Models?

Mack Models provides models and actors/actresses for adult film companies in the Vancouver area. Mack Models books primarily for porn shoots, but there are also occasional opportunities for work on non-adult productions, including film, TV and music videos. Although these jobs may come up when a production requires extras who are comfortable with nudity, these opportunities are not the focus of the agency. We book for both traditional and VR porn.


The agency also runs a ‘Porno Boot Camp’ to help train newcomers to the industry (and help experienced models improve their skills). This can be attended by models and non-models for a fee. See our "Events" page for more info.

What Kind Of Models Are We Looking For?


Anyone can apply to Mack Models, but certain looks and styles will be more likely to get bookings.

Female Models: We are looking for glamorous, gorgeous women. Models should have a polished appearance, including nails, hair, skin, makeup and overall style. We are looking for both the “girl next door” and more alternative looks, but models of either style need to be glamorous and groomed. We are selling a fantasy! The most requested body type is toned and athletic, although more muscular and curvier women are also welcome. Natural and enhanced features are both accepted.

Male Models: We are looking for toned and groomed men, willing to shave or wax any areas that require it. Tattoos are fine, tans are preferable. Men need to be able to get an erection with various people in the room including cast and crew, and have control over their erection and ejaculation.


Who Is Eligible To Apply? 


All models must be over 18 yrs old and show two pieces of government issued ID to work. Industry standard testing is mandatory, and shouldn’t be taken as an assumption that you have an STI. We are very strict about our models being healthy and legal! Exceptions to testing can only be made for performers who are only willing to do solo work (this will severely limit our ability to book you).


What Is The Next Step?


If you think that you have what we are looking for, we would love to hear from you! The first step in becoming a Mack Model is to book an assessment at a Porno Boot Camp. You may be asked to perform in front of the camera and discuss your experience and skills with us.

• Contact us if you would like to schedule and assessment at or click our events tab and select a date/time.

• Include in your e-mail: Your location! Wen are currently looking for talent in Vancouver BC & Los Angeles California for immediate amateur gigs. Also include at least one photo of yourself (full body and face, underwear), any experience that you have in the adult industry (especially in porn, amateur clips or on webcam), and any social media links or website links so we can get a grasp of who you are and what you look/sound like!

• Include a list of what you would like to do (fetish, b/g, g/g, group scenes) and any special skills or talents that you have (fetish, deep throat, anal, double penetration, dirty talk, squirting).

We will reply to confirm or arrange the time and date of your assessment, and with more information.


Thank you again for your interest in working with us! Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Mack Model family!

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